Saturday, 5 April 2014

Update[ Mods, Videos, and Blog Posts]

So I wanted to make this post on my Mod blog, Awesomely Foam Mods, but Wordpress decided to mess around with me. So I'm just going to make the post here.

Anyway, my exams are around the corner, just a couple more weeks and it's gonna hit me. HARD. LOL,but still,I'm gonna try my best to do well,and thus need some time out for Nerf. Just a little while,probably a month.

Update #1: Mods
My Birthday is coming soon in late April. I might be getting a dremel for my Birthday, so that means I can do perform modifications to my blasters easier, and can also take on bigger and more complicated projects.

1-My PETG Breech Longshot is pretty much done. All it needs is a new paint job, and a new boltsled. I have metal reinforcement plates for the boltsled already though.

2-I also plan on modding my Tripleshot. I'll have reinforce the shell, and put a coupler on it.

3-Another Longshot+3k Mod? I'm not sure yet. But I want to make a Longshot like psyk's  "Cos I Can",but instead of having a 1.5k Turret, I'll probably make it singled with a coupler.

4-Modified PETG Breech Retaliator. This mod is pretty much completed. Just gotta find a way to improve it's range. I'll have to do a write up on this blaster when I'm free.

Update #2: Videos and Blog Posts
I'll continue making videos after my exams. I'll try to make a couple of The A.N.S episodes and post them after the exams :D Some stuff you might(MIGHT) see: Tripleshot Mod, Dremel, War Footage, Tactical Vest, blaster reviews, unboxings(?).
For blog posts, I seriously need to make a review soon. Haven't done one in forever,so I gotta make one.Remember why Awesomely Nerf started out? :P Because of the reviews,haha!

Anyway that's pretty much it for this update. See you guys soon, in like about a month's time! :)


Friday, 21 March 2014

YouTube: THE A.N.S #4 [PETG Breech Retaliator + Recent Buys]

Hey guys, I finally managed to upload the fourth episode of The A.N.S! In this episode, I show you some of the things I've been collecting since last December. I also do a tutorial of the PETG Breech Retaliator! The video is long,but I hope you guys will still enjoy it!:)


Monday, 10 March 2014

Perspective Pictures- Cartoon Warfare

This post would be a quick shout-out/ promo for the guys at Perspective Pictures! They were formerly known as Nerf4Hire.

The guys over there have posted a new Nerf War Video. Honestly,I really like scripted Nerf Wars. But the editing and filming on this one is awesome, and I really enjoyed it. Furthermore, they implemented cartoons into the video which is sick! Do check em' out! 

Thursday, 27 February 2014

SNIPE: The New Foam Blaster Tablet App!

A week ago,I received an email from a new company called XnTouch.They introduced me to the newest app they developed- SNIPE. So for this post, I'll share with you guys more information about this Application. 
But before that, sit back, relax, and watch this video the guys at XnTouch put up on their YouTube channel...
Hope you guys enjoyed this video as I did.

I really think that this App is really cool. With this Application, there is no need to pick up targets at all! :D The application is free,however, it requires specialized darts made by SNIPE/XnTouch. The App can detect the darts when they hit the screen. Just FYI, these darts are the "World's First App-Integrated Darts". In this App, there are various game modes. There are both single, and multi player modes.I think it'll be a great App to play when one needs to take a break from school or work. I don't really see any downsides to this Application except that your tablet might get damaged if you're using a high powered blaster; and that the SNIPE darts might not work with clip system blasters as they're suction tip darts. Anyway,I'm definitely looking forward to the release of this App in April.  Quick question! What do you want to see from this new company? For me, I would like to see them selling their own blasters in the future! :)

Do check out the SNIPE pages:
-Snipe HQ
-Snipe Facebook
-Snipe Twitter
-Snipe YouTube

Here are some screenshots of the App.

Multi Player

Knock the bottles!

Hit the Target

Knock the cans down

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Tek Recon Warehouse Battle Video!

A very enjoyable video shared by Tek Recon Singapore! Really great video with cool effects, do check it out :) 

Also, do check out the Tek Recon Singapore group for discussions about Tek Recon.